Social Media Advice for Small Businesses

If you are in the service industry, like Boerne Air Conditioning Experts, then the majority of your time is spent serving your customers. You’re focused on fixing their problems and ensuring that your services are completed properly. Unfortunately, doing this means there is not much time to focus on other things. Things like marketing or social media. If this is the case for you and your small business, here’s some social media advice that might help.

Managing your social accounts to build brand recognition, generate leads, and grow your business may appear daunting. Luckily, there are measurable, achievable steps you can take to give yourself a better shot at social success. First, you’ll need a focused strategy. This includes a list of planned action steps. Your planning should cover each social media channel your business is active on. Think about how your participation on each channel will help you. Then, write it all down, so you can track your progress and refer to it over time.

New to Social Media?

If your business is brand new to social media, definitely keep your social profiles to less than three. If you do not have a dedicated social manager, you may struggle with actively handling more than three social channels. As an small business owner, you are the expert opinion on your industry, and your product or service category. Customers come to you for your know-how, so don’t shy away from sharing your insights in blog posts, Facebook updates or Tweets. By offering tailor made, informative content on social, you’ll give your followers a chance to get to know the product or services you offer.

Of course, your time is your most important investment. Begin tracking your social media activity right from the start. Track your metrics on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Try to get an overall feel for how effective your campaigns have performed. Your social accounts should be more than just broadcast posts with the typical headline and link to an article. Share photos, videos, and live feeds about company happenings, product releases, and special promotions. Be sure you engage with your followers. Make sure your profiles notify you when you receive a comment, share, or message.

It’s always important to be aware of what your competition is doing—even on social media. Seek out your competitors and profiles of businesses similar to yours. Then, analyze what they’re doing that you may be missing. Lastly, don’t forget one important element of social media: Hashtags! Hashtags are easily one of the best ways to enhance your reach across a social platform. This can even increase your chances of being discovered by new customers. Keep a close eye on trending hashtags in your industry and look for opportunities to jump in on the conversation.

In the end, the beauty of social media is that you are allowed a lot of creative freedom—so be creative! Showcase your business and your services in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.