What is the process of getting your business listed online

When you’re in charge of a business, being on the map is just as important as having something good to offer. Even the best service or goods in the world won’t matter if people don’t know about you or don’t know how to reach you.

You should never catch yourself waiting to reach a certain point in your entrepreneurial venture before getting listed – instead, it should be the first thing you do as soon as you open up shop.

Basic online listings

Luckily, getting your business listed online isn’t all that complicated. In fact, finding the relevant pages might be the most difficult part of the process.

The big ones are obvious: Google+, Yelp and the like. But what about the less-known sites – sites that could help you get customers just as much as bigger ones?

Take the time to search the web for as many listing and citations websites as possible. You can skip the truly obscure ones, but don’t overlook a citations website just because it isn’t the most popular one – each of them could end up getting you a customer or few who will stick with you for years. This guy talks a bit about the importance of local listings no matter the type of business you’re running.

Different websites have different ways of accepting listings: some will let you create and fill out your own page while others will require correspondence with the site owner or a similar figure. Likewise, don’t skip a website just because the process of getting listed is more difficult or takes more time, as every additional listing will give you an extra push when it comes to search engine rankings.

Also, keep a close eye out for existing listings: some websites list businesses on their own and can often feature incomplete or inaccurate information. Perform thorough searches that include your business name, address, number and other forms of pertinent information in order to pinpoint any erroneous listings. Then, contact the owners of these websites and forward them your updated information – with a quick verification of your identity, they should have no issue correcting the entries as per your request.

Beyond the online listing

Speaking of pushes, if you’d like your listings to do a little more than just feature your company info, you can choose to work with one or more citations sites that offer premium services.

Convenience is among the primary perks of these sites: for a fixed or monthly fee, these citation places offer plenty of reputation-boosting activities without bothering you too much with the details. If you’re strapped for time (as so many business owners are), this is a great way to get more exposure without doing all that much – press releases, blog posts, featured articles and general advertisement are just some examples of the services that these websites offer.

If you do choose to go for the services of a premium listings website, make sure to monitor your traffic closely – no matter the amount of money you’ve spent on premium perks, you’ll want to have a good idea of whether you got your money’s worth or not and plan future campaigns accordingly.