How to find a good web designer

Successful people are where they are because they’ve made a series of sound choices and have surrounded themselves with all the right people. Some of these people help them on a personal level by offering support and guidance: others are there to fill the gaps in expertise and help create a complete and polished product.

A good web designer is the quintessential ally of every online businessman. If you run an online business of any kind, your website acts as your de facto headquarters and serves as the perfect representation of you and your company. Therefore, you can’t afford to have your web design done by anyone other than a professional with plenty of talent and a decent work ethic.

Unfortunately, finding such people can be tough – everyone’s out to make money, and in doing so will brand themselves as the very best that the world has to offer. Being able to tell real from phoney is tough, although knowing where to look is a solid first step.

Freelancer sites

If you’re looking for a decent web designer, you can always try your luck with one of the numerous freelancing sites running around. Generally speaking, these will feature contractors of all skill levels: from true professionals to those who have read a couple of instructional articles before deciding to advertise their services.

These sites are always a mixed bag of results because you never know how well someone can deliver until you’ve tried them out, especially with something as nuanced as web design. Sure, feedback and portfolio help, but on average, you can expect a solid amount of frustration when hoping to find someone you can work with over the long term.

That should be your goal, after all: having a web designer you can turn to year-round, one who will service your website quickly and efficiently as soon as an issue arises. As it is, many web designers view their services as ‘one and done’ and consider websites something to be delivered and moved on from – this is definitely a mindset you don’t want in your employ.

Web design company

A noteworthy alternative to freelancing sites presents itself in the form of web design companies. As opposed to a bazaar type of environment, each employee in a web design company must pass a stringent quality check before getting a job position – as far as guarantees go in the world of online business, you can’t get much better than this.

These companies also have a clear orientation towards professionalism and aren’t likely to fail you in any way, be it by delivering a low-quality website or taking way too long to finish – reputation is everything and very few companies can afford to have disgruntled customers posting bad reviews. Here’s an overview of what you should look for when choosing the perfect web design company for your needs.

For all their perks, web design companies have a major drawback to working with them: the prices. Because multiple people need to be paid as opposed to a sole web designer – not to mention the fact that these designers often have a formal education and therefore want more money for their services – getting your website done by a design company can easily empty your pockets, especially if it’s a complex one. Still, it’s an option worth considering for those who aren’t willing to make compromises on their way to establishing a brand.